1. zolloc:

    for kate

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  3. powwowblog:

    New land art using sand and dirty by Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada in Washington D.C.

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  5. upperplayground:

    Incredible abandoned cathedral and underground hospital installations by #HerbertBaglione in France via news.upperplayground.com #1000shadows #UpperPlayground @hbaglione @wbaglione

  6. deliciousdimension:

    Fractal branching of dried river beds in Baja California, Mexico (image by Adriana Franco) 

  7. colorfulgradients:

    colorful gradient 4051

  8. originalgiantcontent:

    The Seymour Residence in Los Altos, California by architect Bart Prince.

    (Source: the-dream-house)